She lived in Yaroslavl until 1986 together with her parents, Alexander and Lyudmila.

As a civil engineer, her father was invited to work for Baikal-Amur Mainline construction in the same year, and the family moved on to the city of Tynda. Elena went to the first class there. She was attending dance and figure skating classes, and studied drawing at art school during her school years. In 1997 she graduated from the 11th grade and independent life began. Elena passed entrance exams for Blagoveshchensk Financial and Economic College specializing in “Corporate budgeting”. In 1999 she was awarded with her college degree and came back to her hometown of Yaroslavl. She decided to pursue a higher education and passed entrance exams to Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, while at the same time working in her chosen specialization “Company Economics” in the passenger service department of the Northern Railway in Yaroslavl. In 2005, she graduated from the University. Elena’s passion in discovering her professional skills led her to join OAO Gazprom “Gazenergoset”.

2008 was a life-changing point in Elena’s life — she realized that she was out of her element. Elena decided to find herself in a new professional field with the firm belief that work should give satisfaction, a sense of usefulness and importance and to discover her creative potential. In 2008, she enrolled in Ostankino Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting (MITRBO) specializing in TV and Radio Presentation. Completing it successfully she understood that she had finally found the work she loved.

The long-awaited work on television was Elena’s dream for one more year. It is difficult to obtain the desired position without experience, useful links and support of friends, but Elena worked hard, was not deterred by obstacles, and the Fate smiled on her. Elena took part in successful TV projects as an author, editor, chief editor and producer of documentary films, TV and a reality show on Channels: First, STS, Ren TV, MUZTV, TV3, MTV, Friday.

Now Elena Letuchaya is the host of the popular TV Show Revizorro which is screened every Wednesday on 7 p.m. on the Pyatnitsa (Friday) TV Channel, and is a producer of documentary films. She heads journalism studio in Moscow Institute of Television and Broadcasting.

«Believe in the dream. Do not be afraid to change your life.
Be ready to work hard and your dream will come true.»